4 Tools to Analyze Your Personal DNA

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The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA testing has made this testing process a new frontier.  Today, people can get their personal DNA tested and, after several weeks, receive all sorts of information back in the mail or just by logging into the website.

One of the most common uses of DNA testing is in uncovering family genealogy. Individuals can now uncover their family lines going back several generations using consumer DNA testing services. One can identify his or her racial makeup, familial ties, and geographical background.

Many online services offer DNA testing for ancestry purposes, including leaders AncestryDNA, Family TreeDNA, and 23andme. For a quick overview & comparison of each test.

From the time when the double helix structure was drafted in 1953, … Continue Reading

Best At-Home DNA Testing Kits For Ancestry, Health, or Genetics

DNA Testing Kits

DNA is short for deoxyribonucleic acids. We are going to discuss the best “at home” DNA testing kits. Your DNA information contains the complete story of your natural history, present, and future. It is the basis of all parts of your body and is the result of many thousands of generations of reproduction and countless instances of mutation. Your DNA is what makes you unique.

Your DNA sequence determines everything about you, from your eye color to your height to which diseases to avoid and which ones to fight.  Your DNA can provide a remarkable portrait of your heritage and link you to distant pockets of humanity from many thousands of years ago.

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Getting Started Researching Your Family Tree

How To Research Your Family Tree

When searching online for “how-to-search-genealogy,” also called one’s family tree or history, genealogy is the study of family lineages and characterized by the Society of Genealogists as the”…establishment of a pedigree by revealing evidence, from legitimate sources, of how one generation is linked to another.” Besides assisting individuals in figuring out their origins, genealogy may also offer you a more detailed view of the family’s role in the grand scheme of history, and provide medical information.

While many individuals are motivated by the chance of discovering that their relatives might have been famous or wealthy, it may be interesting to find out about one’s own heritage and rewarding to pass down that knowledge to future generations.

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Law Enforcement Departments Solve Cold Cases Using New DNA Technology

DNA Technology

Every law enforcement department around the nation has unsolved cases that could be solved through recent DNA technology advancements. Today, researchers who understand that evidence may yield a DNA profile may identify a suspect in a sense previously seen only on television. Evidence invisible to the naked eye may be the trick to solving a sexual assault, residential burglary, or murder.

The saliva on the stamp of a stalker threatening letter, the sweat on a rapist’s mask, or the skin cells slough on the ligature of a strangled kid may hold the key to solving a crime.

However, DNA is not the only forensic tool available for the analysis of unsolved cases. Improvements in DNA testing and the benefit of DNA database systems have prompted … Continue Reading

DNA Testing Companies Are Stepping Up To Study Covid-19


It is a question that has bothered researchers from the starting of the coronavirus crises: Why do some people get seriously ill and die from COVID-19, while some have moderate symptoms or none at all?

Researchers at two direct-to-consumer genealogy DNA corporations hope to use the genomes they have collected from a vast number of people to determine whether they can locate a genetic explanation to answer this question.

The two 23andMe and Ancestry have started COVID-19 research, asking U.S. adult users who have already submitted DNA samples to answer online questions on how the virus affected or did not affect them.… Continue Reading

Free Genealogy Websites And Search Information

free genealogical websites and resources

Have you ever thought about figuring out your heritage and family history but weren’t assured how to start? In that case, you are not alone.  With various forms of records, documentation, and numerous  free genealogy websites to research, anyone can begin researching their family history and document their genealogy.

Genealogy is the journey to find the family history of one in as accurate away as possible. And it has become a favorite hobby for many Americans.

Multiple resources support users to get answers regarding their family history and separate facts from fiction. Whether one is adopted, separated from family, or searching for information for their family tree, the field of genealogy is vast and includes multiple branches.… Continue Reading

Genetics Technology To Improve Our Medical Future

Using DNA genetics to improve medicine

DNA Applications In Medicine

DNA technology is an exciting field nowadays. This is the analysis and manipulation of genetics or DNA material, and scientists are using DNA technology for a vast array of functions and products. A significant part of DNA technology is cloning; that’s the process of earning multiple identical copies of a gene. Cloning can bring to mind exciting sci-fi movies. But cloning gives us vaccines, pest-resistant plants, heart attack treatments as well as entirely new organisms.

DNA technology has also had a significant influence on the agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, disease treatment. And even in crime scene analyses. Let’s take a more profound look at the consequences of DNA technology on our world and the applications of this critical area of study.Continue Reading

Trying To Find Your Ancestors Which DNA Test Should You Buy?

For hundreds of years, genealogists have depended upon written and oral documents to follow their family trees. However, around the year 2000, the era of genealogical DNA testing established. This provided family historians and genealogists with a chance to use standardized scientific procedures to develop relationships and ancestry.

In contrast to paper documents, which may be erroneous or incomplete, DNA testing is exact.

  • However, is it right for you?
  • And if so, which test is suitable for you?
  • How can you take it?
  • How much do you have to pay?
  • Which firm should you use?

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Selecting The Right DNA Test For Your Genealogy Project

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DNA testing helps you to trace your family ancestry or lineage so that you can connect with other people. There are different types of tests that you can choose from such as ancestry, genealogy as well as health-related issues.

Genetic genealogy involves DNA testing with a combination of traditional genealogical and historical records in the DNA test. Documentary evidence helps to establish relationships between individuals. Since 2000, genetic genealogy is available on a commercial basis, and different companies offer paid services in DNA testing.

DNA testing helps you to establish your matrilineal or patrilineal line beyond the oral evidence passed through generations or traditional paper trails. It is maybe possible to make inferences about the origins of your ancestors using results from DNA testing. The … Continue Reading

DNA Technology Tranforms Yet Another Industry: STD/STI Tests

NAAT Test Kit for STDs

DNA testing isn’t just making genealogy and regeneration technologies thrive. STD test options are increasing due to the DNA revolution, too.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) remain a reality in even the most developed society, and all sexually active people are at risk of contracting them.

As most of the STDs exist in the body without any symptoms manifesting, many go undetected, and this poses a threat to an individual’s health. Early STD testing ensures the proper management of a society’s sexual health.

NAAT Testing Takes Off

With the latest technological advancements in DNA testing technology, it is now possible to detect STD infections earlier and more accurately. Nucleic Acid Amplification Tests (NAATs) are the latest technological development to detect … Continue Reading

The Use of DNA to Predict Ones Future

DNA to predict future

Almost every living organism in the world has deoxyribonucleic acid, commonly known as DNA. This is a molecule that is responsible for carrying a cell’s genetic information and hereditary characteristics. DNA may also carry the genetic information of some viruses.

The genetic information that DNA carries is used in processes such as growth, development, function, and reproduction. DNA is comprised of distinct parts such as genes which are the regions of the DNA responsible for controlling/influencing physical characteristics, development, and growth.

Given the importance of DNA in carrying genetic information, it comes as no surprise that one of the most common questions surrounding DNA is whether or not it can help to predict an individual’s future. This article seeks to answer this question using current … Continue Reading

Apps And Tools To Get More Information Out Of Your DNA Test

DNA Testing Tools and Apps

Online DNA testing used to be a luxury option and gift idea for the nerdy. Today, the growing accessibility of tests, prevalence of services and affordability of options means this is no longer true.

Anyone with the money and the desire to learn can contact the appropriate provider for a kit, send off a sample and get their results.

The problem is that these websites and results pages aren’t always able to meet user needs. Some find it hard to understand the data.

Some struggle to locate other users and make use of the results. Others need more detailed information than the site provides. This missing piece is where online apps and tools for DNA test can help.

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Are DIY Genetic Testing Kits The Best Approach For Everyone?

DIY Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has come a long way in recent years. The sophistication of the tests and the range of options mean that we can now understand so much more about our bodies and personalities.

Cutting edge testing provides detailed results on genetic markers for ancestry, H, and other deep-rooted traits.

The old DNA parentage test can seem basic by comparison. This is why development of DIY, over the counter testing kits, is so exciting. It seems like the next logical step for instant results. However, there are still concerns over its application and reliability.… Continue Reading

All You Need to Know about Prenatal Genetic Test

Prenatal Genetic Test

It’s on the rise that most health providers are likely to ask you about your knowledge about genetic tests. This happens when you make an early prenatal visit.

The test seeks to obtain the genetic information of your family or the one of your partner’s information. However, some partners find it wise to undergo this test before conception.

There are two main types of tests that help answer questions about you and your partner’s structure of genes. Remember, each test bears its risks, benefits, and shortcomings. The two tests are screening tests and diagnostic tests.… Continue Reading

A Guide To Free Genealogical Resources

Genealogical Resources

Genealogy is a term that refers to the study of one’s family, the tracing of their lineages and the tracing of their history. Through genealogy, it is possible for individuals to not only connect with their past but to also build on their present and the future.

Genealogy is also instrumental in creating feelings of belonging and sense of pride in people.

Genealogical research has emerged as a popular hobby among many Americans. Most people choose to undertake their research by going backward through time. Others decide to start their genealogical research by documenting and connecting with relatives/people who are currently alive.… Continue Reading