Genealogy is a subject few people know and of those that know it, most struggle with it.

Millions of people don’t know a thing about their ancestors. And that’s is a real shame, because in so many ways we are who we come from.

A lot of the reason people don’t know about their family history – beyond their parents and grandparents – is because they never took the time to learn about the useful online resources and genetic tests available today. Genealogy tools and online services have come a long way over the past few decades and are today revolutionizing the field of family genealogy by making it simpler, more accurate and more informative, all at the same time.

With technology on our side, we all should take the time to get to know our ancestors.

This blog – ReGeneration – is about my personal journey to connect with my own family history. My first posts are about how to tips that I’ve learned to-date. Later, I’ll start blogging about my experience and new learnings.

Thanks for coming with me on my journey of self-discovery. I hope you learn something.

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