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title  Focus
BeFutur Biotechnologies S.A. Specialization in the culture of cells and tissues for therapeutic purposes
Beta-Cell Research on cell and drug therapies for the treatment of diabetes
Bio Nova Development of a range of biomaterials for therapeutic applications like prostheses
Bio-Matrix Scientific Group, Inc. Biomedical device development, tissue engineering, and adult stem cell research including cryogenics…
Biochrom AG Biochrom AG is specializes in products for cell culturing techniques.
Biodermis Corp Scar management applications and wound healing products
BioE, Inc. Development of human stem cells and antibody-based technologies
Bioheart Inc. Discovery, development, and commercialization of cell-based therapy products for the treatment of car…
Biolife Solutions Inc. Preservation and storage of cellular and tissue-based systems
Biom’Up Development and production of biopolymers
Biomet Deutschland GmbH Products for the treatment of bone and connective tissue diseases
Biomonde GmbH & Co. KG Biomonde produces medicinal maggots for wound treatment.
BIOPHARM GmbH Development of biotechnological medicines
Bioprofile Programme: Regenerative Biology The Association for the Promotion of Biotechnology (Verein zur Förderung der Biotechnologie) manage…
Bioretec Oy Development of bioactive, drug-releasing devices
BioTeSys GmbH Analysis of the biological functions of active ingredients
BioTissue Technologies AG Tissue engineering, wound healing, orthopedics
Blackstone Medical, Inc. Development of spinal devices, implants, and instrumentation for use in spinal surgery.
Blond McIndoe Centre Research in plastic and reconstructive surgery
BMOZ German Centre for Biomaterials and Organ Replacement Pooling the expertise and potential of the scientific and clinical institutes relating to bio-material.
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