Are DIY Genetic Testing Kits The Best Approach For Everyone?

DIY Genetic Testing

Genetic testing has come a long way in recent years. The sophistication of the tests and the range of options mean that we can now understand so much more about our bodies and personalities.

Cutting edge testing provides detailed results on genetic markers for ancestry, H, and other deep-rooted traits.

The old DNA parentage test can seem basic by comparison. This is why development of DIY, over the counter testing kits, is so exciting. It seems like the next logical step for instant results. However, there are still concerns over its application and reliability.

It is easy to see why so many people are now attracted to the DIY approach to genetic testing.

DIY methods are the best approach for many because they are affordable and accessible. Why pay out thousands of dollars for a testing option if there is a cheaper option for sale at the drugstore? Why go to a specialist clinic across the state if users can get results in their home?

There are blood testing kits providing information on a range of disorders. Some say that if the technology is there, make it accessible. Something is liberating for users in the freedom of choice and range of genetic testing options that are out there.

Blood Testing Kits

There is the potential with these DIY at-home tests for discovering markers for disease, not just as a form of determining parentage. However, there are limitations and concerns with the full DIY approach.

There are two big concerns here. This is too big an issue to deal with at home, and these genetic testing kits aren’t quite good enough yet.

There are times when a quick fix DIY test is a good idea and a reassuring solution to many people. At-home pregnancy and ovulation tests have provided a simple indicator of hormone levels at home for years.

In addition to this, there are also necessary blood sugar tests that allow users to regulate their diabetes better. However, these systems are now advanced and reliable, with minimized risks of false positives or problems. Also, this is a starting point towards a longer path of health care and guidance.

A positive result on a DIY pregnancy test is a cue to head to the doctor to double check. The same has to be true for any DNA test for parentage, disease or any other marker.

The problem here is that there will be many relying solely on the DIY genetic testing kit. This is bad news for all those turning to at-home DNA tests on parentage. They cannot assume they have a 100% reliable solution, not with something so new.

Is this the sort of thing to test alone at home? Should it instead be safely done under the guidance of those that can look at the markers and results? Can someone provide counseling on the next step?

A mother taking saliva swabs of two potential fathers cannot deal with the result alone. This is true if there is a risk of a false positive. They need a professional involved somewhere.

When we add in the risks involved with new technology and human error, there is the chance of incorrect use. This could be disastrous for cases of parentage or genetic testing for cancer, heart disease or other significant conditions.

Genetic Testing

Over the counter genetic testing still, have its issues. But, some solutions are more reliable and still affordable.

The appeal of DIY forms of genetic testing comes down to the idea of an affordable, accessible means of obtaining a quick result. This applies to those that want to determine parentage, health risks or any other genetic marker. This is why new testing kits are so appealing. There is a middle ground alternative.

Many companies provide DIY kits and the opportunity to have samples sent to a professional lab. The costs are still minimal compared to other screening options, and there is greater peace of mind over the results.

Right now, the primary testing kits available over the counter are a little too unreliable and don’t provide the support needed. DIY blood sugar tests and pregnancy tests work because of years of development.

With time, these genetic testing options could be a helpful tool. As things stand, there are better alternatives for at-home genetic testing.

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