Using DNA Genealogy To Identify New Ancestors

DNA Genealogy Identify Your Ancestors

Did you know that your DNA can be used to identify your ancestors?

From Genetics to Genealogy

DNA genealogy uses traditional genealogy plus the latest genetic test data to understand and match you to new relatives and ancestors.

Genealogical DNA testing can mathematically determine the level of genetic relationship between two individuals.

DNA is deoxyribonucleic acid, and is the information code of life. DNA is passed down from generation to generation, forever connecting relatives to one another – even if you don’t know who you are.

With the passing of DNA, some parts remain identical and are completely unchanged while the other parts keep changing. These aspects allow the identifications of certain DNA consistencies among generations hence providing the ability for generics relationships.

Types of DNA tests

There are two types of the DNA test usually done in regard to testing DNA genealogy on of them is the Mitochondrial DNA and the other is the Y-chromosome DNA tests. This entire test needs professionally to carry them out.

The Mitochondrial DNA test

From basic biology, Mitochondrial is a basic building block in the cytoplasm of your cells.

Mitochondrial DNA is passed from the mother to kids (male or female) without any traces of the father’s DNA. Hence, Mitochondrial DNA is the same in the mother plus all the kids.

DNA Genealogy Identify Your Ancestors

If two individuals have the same Mitochondrial DNA, then there is a good chance that the two share a common maternal ancestor.

The problem with mt-DNA testing is that is that it’s not possible to determine if the relationship that is a common maternal ancestor is recent or lived a hundred years ago.

Y- Chromosome DNA Tests

The Y-DNA test is available for males as Y-chromosomes are only passed along with the paternal line for father and son.

Y-DNA tests use the tiny chemical markers of the Y-chromosome that create a unique pattern for every person. Such a unique marker is the one used in the test called a haplotype. It’s the haplotype that is used in determination one male’s lineage from another.

Think of a haplotype as a clan or large group of related people in a well-defined culture – like the Vikings or the Cajuns.

DNA Genealogy Tests

The use of DNA with genealogical studies was first published by Bryan Sykes. He elaborated on the use of Y-chromosome markers and shared surnames in his relatedness study of relationships.

The study involved 48 men’s with the sharing the name Sykes in the region of England. This analyzed four Short Tandem Repeats on their Y-chromosome;

  • DYS19
  • DYS390
  • DYS391
  • DYS393

In the study, it was found that 48 men tested only 21 had the same core haplotype and many others had one mutational step away from the core haplotype. Hence, Skypes interpretation of the result reveals that the common origin of the ancestor who happens to live 700 years ago.

With the early beginning of the DNA Genealogy, it seems soon the concept is growing rapidly.

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