Looking For Your Birth Parents? Now DNA Samples Can Help.

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An adoption is an act that expresses the feelings of love in both the adoptee and the adoptive parent(s). It is a gift of the inner heart and soul. Despite this, whether a child is adopted by parents who have waited for a long time to get their own but failed or a step-father who adopts children of his wife and names them his surname, the above situations paint an altruistic picture.

While it is obvious that love is a key role here, and neither of the participants would ever want to spur any painful and hurtful feelings, it is true that every human being will always be curious to find out or want to know their origins. In some situations, it is not a matter of curiosity but rather the need for somebody to understand or discover their origins for medical treatments.

In the beginning, if someone would want to find out about their origins, they would go to the search engines like Google where you would do a name search to find friends and family members who were online.

Then it came the era of social media where you had the chance to unite and meet with friends and family who are online through networks such as Facebook. However, for children who are adopted and are looking for their biological parents or even families with the absence of most their family name information, there were little search options.

A Powerful Tool To Identify Birth Parents

It was until the recent introduction of public DNA testing services and stable databases such as 23andMe,  Family Tree DNA and Ancestry DNA. The new DNA tests are one of the most powerful tools and technology suitable for adoptees who are looking for the origin of their birth families.

Male adoptees can now determine the surnames of their biological fathers. Thanks to the Y-DNA test. To the adoptees and others who would want to know their origin. The DNA test is one of those effective tools that offers their first ever contact with a biological relative. Through linking up with those relatives and exploring their family trees in detail, one can identify their birth parents.

The introduction of the DNA tests that currently comprises of three autosomal tests that check for more than half a million markers in both men and women is a great relieve to the adoptees. The tests comprise of 23andMe, Family Finder, and Ancestry DNA. Any child who is adopted has now a chance to smile since it offers them wide advantages. This is not limited to just finding their parents but his or her relatives and family members.

The Benefits Of The DNA Tests To Adoptees

The genetic testing offers potential benefits whether one gets positive or negative results. The test results shall offer a sense of relief from the uncertainty that surrounds the adoptees. Also, adoptees shall be able to make an informed decision related to the control and management of their health. For example, positive results shall necessitate a person to seek for treatment, prevention, and close monitoring. Negative results would cancel out the need for periodic visits for checkups and screening as well.

With the introduction of the DNA testing and the growing number of commercial DNA testing companies then it has become easier for adoptees to identify their right biological family members. It is, therefore, a new way that provides a clear avenue for the adoptees to bypass the privacy laws and court secrecy. The privacy laws and court secrecy spell out a restrictive measure upon the adoptees.

They have no right or permission to reach out to the authority to examine their adoption records. In fact, some years ago, a move by a group of adoptees to file a legal action in a federal court that asks the court to declare laws were hindering them from access to their adoption records unconstitutional ended up losing. The group had sought for their original birth certificates, court records and other files that had their adoption record.

Since this time adoptees have become reluctant to challenge the unjust laws in courts. This has led them to continue suffering; their efforts of carrying the case to unsympathetic legislators, some of them told that they have no business with the woman who gave birth to them.

Given that the laws of the court bar adoptees from finding out who their real parents are. But, offers protection to the adopting parents and in case the adoptive family releases any information pertaining names of the natural parents then they would be extremely affected. But, now with the DNA tests, everything seems to have come to an end. The adopted child who has always been denied his or her right to know who his or her biological parents are can now be able to discover without one heading to court.

The vast number of usage of DNA testing to find the biological family members has been as a result of closed adoption records in a lot of states. The DNA matching provides the adoptees with the privilege to bypass laws that tend to restrict their access to their adoption records. It, therefore, offers them with the chance to acquire the full citizenship of the country.

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Today, thousands of American adoptees have used the DNA genealogy companies such as the Family Tree DNA to surpass the bureaucratic barriers and unite with members of their genetic family. In that regard, DNA testing is the only sure style to identify their family heritage given that the open records cannot be of help since it has no records. The DNA tests not only offers the greatest opportunity to identify the birth parent but provides a quick and efficient means for one to save money while seeking for ways to discover their original parents.

With technology advancing and several DNA companies to select from this has become a new way to help find your family. There are also tools available that can help you analyze and understand your results. What we can acknowledge is the tremendous advancement of technology that has come to be a relief to the adoptees who have been under huge suffering by the sealed court records.

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