4 Tools to Analyze Your Personal DNA

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The rise of direct-to-consumer DNA testing has made this testing process a new frontier.  Today, people can get their personal DNA tested and, after several weeks, receive all sorts of information back in the mail or just by logging into the website.

One of the most common uses of DNA testing is in uncovering family genealogy. Individuals can now uncover their family lines going back several generations using consumer DNA testing services. One can identify his or her racial makeup, familial ties, and geographical background.

Many online services offer DNA testing for ancestry purposes, including leaders AncestryDNA, Family TreeDNA, and 23andme. For a quick overview & comparison of each test.

From the time when the double helix structure was drafted in 1953, … Continue Reading

Comparing AncestryDNA and 23andMe’s DNA Testing Services

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DNA ancestry tests are becoming more popular as more people go on the quest to discover their roots and wider relations. DNA tests have made it easier for people to trace their family roots and get a rough idea of where their ancestors came from.

What makes these tests even more popular is that several companies offer commercial DNA testing services for those seeking to explore and discover their roots. Two of these companies are AncestryDNA and 23andMe. Below are a review and comparison of these two companies and their services.… Continue Reading